〔 Japanese / English 〕


Be led through the brewing process, the history, and the unique atmosphere of a sake brewery.
After the tour, try some of the sake right here in the brewery!
All group sizes are welcome, so come by yourself, with a group, or even on a bus.

A short, 4 minute walk away, our sister brewery,
Minemura Jozo has an old, traditional miso storehouse.
The renovated location was constructed in the Meiji and Taisho eras.
It contains a charming shop where you can try delicious fermented foods,
and buy something for yourself, or a souvenir for a friend.
When you are in Niigata, make sure to include an Imayotsukasa brewery tour in your plans.
Enjoy the sake, fermented foods, and atmosphere that make Niigata unique.


Brewery Shop Renovation/Construction Information

Thank you for coming to Imayo Tsukasa Sake Brewery.
Our brewery shop is undergoing renovations, and is currently under construction.
We’ve set up a satellite shop inside the brewery
Feel free to browse it as usual.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
We thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

■ Period of construction :
  January 15, 2018 - End of February/Beginning of March

■ Construction that obstructs walkways :
  Tuesday, January 16 - Saturday, January 20 (Basic demolition work)
 →During this time, loud sounds and vibrations may be experienced

  Tuesday, February 6 - Friday, February 9 :
  Tiling the floors
 →During this time the hallway will be narrower.
  *Exact construction dates may be subject to change

■ Brewery Tour Times and Satellite Shop Hours
  9:00-17:00 (The 16:00 brewery tour is the last tour of the day)
  Operating every day of the year (Except New Year’s Holiday)
  TEL : 025-245-0325
  MAIL : junmai@imayotsukasa.com
  *Please enjoy the satellite shop in the brewery during the construction period.


Tour Information

Tour Cost : Free
Full Tasting : 500 yen tax incl.
(over 10 different sakes to try)
Days of Operation : Every day of the year (Except New Year’s Holiday)
Groups : Accepting group sizes from 1-40 people
Tour Length : Tour : 20 minutes
Tasting : About 10-15 minutes
Reservations : To ensure English tour availability, please make a reservation in advance.
Tel : 025-245-0325 *Same-day reservations are accepted
**English tours are not available depending on our schedule.
Tour Times : 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00 daily


Imayo Tsukasa Sake Brewery
1-1Kagamigaoka, Chuo Ward, Niigata City, Niigata, JAPAN 950-0074

Open Every Day (Except New Year’s Holiday)
Shop Hours : 9:00-17:00
Free parking for up to 30 cars or 3 busses


A 10-minute bus ride to the brewery from Niigata Station Bandai Gate(万代口).
You can ride the bus from bus stop 12 at the Bandai Gate bus station.
Enjoy a short ride through downtown Niigata. Get off at the 4th stop, “Nuttari Hakusan(沼垂白山)”.
From there, it is a short 3-minute walk to the brewery. (210 yen)


A 20-minute walk to the brewery From Niigata Station Bandai Gate(万代口).
You can visit the Tourism Center near the station gate for a map and instructions.


A 7-minute taxi ride to the brewery from Niigata Station Bandai Gate.
The taxi pick-up location is immediately outside the Bandai Gate. (About 800 yen)



*Please be aware that we will not serve alcohol to minors,
and we will not tolerate guests that wish to drink and drive. Please drink responsibly.